Compilations & Remixes
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Between 2012 and 2015 I revisited my earlier work. I released remastered versions of the first two albums, The Void and Lost In Love, improving their sound quality significantly. Also, I released several compilation and remix albums. Starting with Extended Remixes 2013 (in 2013), followed by Ballads 2007-2014 in 2014, and ending with the double album set Singles 2007-2014 in 2015.

Extended Remixes 2013 features eight new remixes from the first two albums. Ballads 2007-2014 contains ten remixes from earlier releases and four new songs (including the single Tonight). Singles 2007-2014 contains all single releases up to the initial four singles from Thy Delightful Shade, and three new remixes of the track The Phoenix, which were also released as a single.

I have to admit these collections were partly released due to writer's block. In 2011 I'd recorded and released almost all material I had written since 1990, and it took a while to get inspiration for new material. Of course I'd been working on Thy Delightful Shade since 2009, but in 2013-2014 I'd only released the four singles. Once I started working on Sonnets by Susan Evance in 2015, inspiration was flowing freely again, and directly after that (2016) I finished the remaining songs on Thy Delightful Shade.