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My third album 'Quest', released in December 2011, is rather dark, dealing with themes like ancient beliefs, neo religions, searching for truth and the meaning of life. But also: love reaching out beyond death, trying to defeat it. These themes have been brought to life through music/voices, and even the (rather ghostly) artwork perfectly represents the feelings I want to communicate with this album. It's probably best classified as a torch song album.

It took more than two years to write, record and produce this album. It has been very difficult to bring the sounds and visions I had to life, and many, many times I wondered if it would ever get good enough to release the album at all. But, listening to the final product, I am very glad I didn't give up on it. The end result is more than worth it, it's definitely my best work to date.

The bonus album, released in August 2012, contains all bonus tracks from the singles and three previously unreleased alternative versions (1, 5 & 10).

Free Kontakt instruments (.nki):    Quest solo instrument   *   The Prophecy lead instrument

Free songs (.mp3):    Estranged (album version)   *   Quest (piano version)