The Void

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My second album, released in July 2009. The album is loosely autobiographical.
Never Forget, the opening track, aims to prepare the listener for a journey through the past, with songs of loves lost and the memories of those, both happy and sad. The haunting theme of the song returns throughout the album, bridging the other songs. It has been a very difficult album to make, as it deals with events from my past, centred around complicated relationships.

These new releases (September 2013) have been remastered extensively. As with the 2012 remaster of Lost In Love, I felt much had changed since I recorded The Void four years ago, so, using modern techniques I've refreshed this project. New filters were added, existing filters improved or replaced, and the somewhat muddy sound of the original recordings has been clarified so that each voice and instrument now have their proper place in the mix. All in all, these remasters are much closer to what I intended with this project.

'The Void (The Singles)', a companion album, was originally released in August 2010. It contains all bonus tracks from the singles (except Minuit,Chrétiens) and previously unreleased remixes of Enlighten Me, Azure Eyes and Opera Gig.

Free Kontakt instruments (.nki): Basses  *  Rhythm kits  *  Never Forget lead instrument

Free songs (.mp3): Remembering  *  So Insecure  *  Never Forget (single mix)  *  Opera Gig (experimental demo)  *  Minuit, Chrétiens