Lost In Love

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Lost In Love is my debut album from July 2007, featuring mainly up-tempo pop songs, some ballads, and three extended versions as bonus tracks.

In November 2012, I released a remastered version, also containing two new remixes of the song
Tenderly. Apart from these remixes, I haven't made any new recordings, everything you hear was on the 2007 versions, only,  radically improved.

Revisiting these songs, five years after their original release, and comparing their sound to the music I'm currently working on, I realised several improvements could be made without altering the original atmosphere. Eventually I did quite a bit more than just remastering: I've retuned vocals and instruments, reduced reverb, improved dynamics, panning, EQ, and much more. The music now sounds  much 'cleaner'. Also, sounds that had been mixed almost into oblivion at the time have been restored - you'll notice instruments and vocals that were almost inaudible on the original album.

The remastered album is accompanied by a second CD containing all alternative versions from the single releases

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Free songs (.mp3):    Innocence Lost    *    Tenderly    *    Tenderly (2012 Remix)